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how to install vinyl soffet

i want to replace my soffet with vinyl, as the exsiting wood is bubbling.

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Posted 2011-04-10T13:18:51+0000  by elaminmuhammad6 elaminmuhammad6

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You may want to address the cause of the "bubbles" before moving ahead on the soffit change.  There might be a larger issue with water leaking behind the gutter or from the roof.  Either way, if you cover it over with any kind of vinyl you might discover a major wood repair in the future. 


  • If the bubbles are on the face of the soffit (under the gutter), then it's usually an overwhelmed gutter system spilling water over the front of the gutters.


  • If the bubbles are on the underside of the soffit, then the gutter is back flowing into the soffit and just sitting there.


  • Another possibility is that the thin plywood might be of poor quality and its top layer of veneer is breaking away - resulting in stretched out bubble like hills.


Inspect the area for these signs and make sure the cause is addressed before moving forward.  Post your findings and we can help you decide on what to do next.  If possible, take some pictures of the bubbles and the general area.


Posted 2011-04-10T13:59:24+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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