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how to install wall outlet on a switch

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Posted 2012-07-16T01:25:09+0000  by aalsobrooks4875 aalsobrooks4875

Hello aalsobrooks4875,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I am going with the assumption you would like to either add or change out a switch to a receptacle. As always, safety first. Make sure the circuit is turned off and use an electrical tester if you aren't sure the power is disconnected. If it is simply replacing the switch with a receptacle, you can follow the information provided in the link by clicking the image below.


How to Install a Receptacle.


If you've read the link above, you'll notice that the information was replacing a receptacle with another one. In your case, you'll need to uncap the white wires from the junction box (as long as it was a single pole switch) and hook it to the brown/dark-colored screws on the side of the receptacle. The brass screws on the other side of the receptacle are were the black wires connect. Connect any bare copper wires into the green bonding screw to the receptacle.


If you want to keep the existing switch but have a receptacle, we do carry duplex shaped combination devices that can work as well. 

Leviton 15-Amp Combination Switch Outlet


Depending on how and where on the circuit this is, it may affect lighting or other devices further down the line. Be sure that when this is replaced, those circuits won't be affected. With that said, proper planning and inspecting what it is being connected to will ensure your new receptacle will work effectively.


Hope this helps you out,


Posted 2012-07-16T14:59:25+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

thanks for your help

Posted 2012-07-17T01:13:49+0000  by aalsobrooks4875

can I get a diagram on how to do this??

Posted 2012-10-18T23:02:50+0000  by noseytiger

Hey noseytiger,


I see you've asked this question already on the community, and as electrician AAriondo stated, we will need to find on what is going on with your existing wiring situation before we can go any further. It's honestly not as simple as finding a diagram since more than one combination would be a possibility.


It will also depend on the switch/receptacle combo device itself. Most carry break-off tabs on the sides that allow for it to be converted to separate feeds. All of the Leviton devices we carry in stock, including the switch combos, have a basic diagram inside the box.


You can go to your nearest store to look at one in the packaging alongside an electrical associate, but it is imperative to know what is on the circuit now.


Which leads me back to what I stated earlier, you will need to tell us what you have already and then we can go from there.


Please let us know and we can assist you better,


Posted 2012-10-20T17:38:47+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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