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how to install window in old house 


this is the window being installed, i bought it at home depot a while back.  went to install it but the frame around it was damaged, termites and uneven/poor original construction. 


Im hoping to learn the proper way to install this kind of window;  the existing sill is okay on the inside but the framing outside is very uneven, it had an aluminum window put in 30? years ago.


not sure how far to replace the framing, the easy answer would be rip out drywall, redo the frame and do it all fresh.  the inside wall is not drywall its some kind of mortar;  the bedroom is in use so ive only got some access, the folks want the job done fast.  Im looking for ideas on how to install this to fit into whats there with minimal change to the existing setup



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Posted 2013-01-21T06:18:32+0000  by bradleya1234 bradleya1234

Hi Brad,


It sounds like the existing aluminum window is installed in the original wood window frame…


Window you linked us to is a replacement window that is typically installed in the same fashion like the aluminum one they are looking to replace.


Basically you’d remove the old wood sashes and stops and pop the new window in place. Once installed,

on the inside, perimeter is caulked with paintable caulk and outside capped with matching trim coil.


If the old frame was not capped with the aluminum coil, and not maintained regularly, it will rot out completely.

This means you will probably have to replace the sill plate framing and the jack studs.


Jack studs are the vertical studs on the sides of the opening that are supporting the header and resting on the sill plate; they’re also called trimmers or trim studs.

You don’t have to rip out drywall and siding to replace these, all you really need is the reciprocating saw and a short demo blade.


Here’s how-to;


First, carefully remove the old sill plate and the window casing on the interior.


Next , using the reciprocating saw cut out the bottom of the old window frame.


Once cut, remove the bottom section of the frame and run the sawzall in between the plaster and the old window frame. Point is to release the window framing from the wall by cutting the nails and screws that are attached to the window frame. This said you should run the blade all around the window opening.


Repeat the same process on the exterior by running the blade in between the plywood and the window frame.


Pry out the old window frame out of the opening.


At this point you should be able to inspect the framing.


If the jack studs and sill plate needs to be replaced, start with the jack studs first.

Run the sawzall in between the stud and the plaster wall , repeat the same on the exterior.

Remove one stud at the time, if this is a larger opening you might have to temporarily support the header first.

Once the jack studs are removed you should be able to lift up the sill plate and reframe the opening.


With the new opening you’ll need to use different type of window, you will need one with the nailing fin on it aka new construction window.


Nailing fin is the stop that is attached to the frame of the window and it is designed to waterproof and support the window in the new opening.


Before the window is installed flashing tape needs to be applied around the new opening.


Tape is applied to where top overlaps the sides and sides overlap the bottom.


Once the window is installed you will have to install some sort of trim on the exterior and maybe strip of drywall on the interior.


Hope this answers your question and please do not hesitate to post back with any further questions you may have.



Posted 2013-01-21T16:10:48+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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