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how to interior construction grade treads with new treads

my stairs are currently carpet over rough/construction grade treads. i want to replace them with a nice stainable oak tread and riser. Must I remove the entire tread and riser or can I just install tphe new tread and riser over whats already there?

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Posted 2012-08-11T08:01:44+0000  by robinrae3 robinrae3

Good afternoon robinrae3,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Upgrading your stair treads and risers are a great project to spruce up any staircase. Due to the makeup and thickness of individual staircase treads and risers, they are typically installed after removing the old ones completely. This is done so that the pieces can fit properly and most importantly, fit flush at the top of the stairs.


I would first take out the carpet using a good sharp utility knife. After getting that off, carefully inspect the stairs to see how they are fastened to the stringer. Before taking them up, carefully measure the total length of the entire flight of stairs, as well as individual treads and risers. If there is any platforms or landings, you'll obviously need to measure those too. Depending on how the stairs were installed will determine how will you take them off. A good pry bar will more than likely be the best tool for this part of the project.


We carry in our stores several selections of red oak and pine stair treads. We also carry even more selections online that in-stock, so you are sure to get the right materials for the job.


Be sure to check them out, and let us know if you have any further questions/comments.




Posted 2012-08-11T21:06:45+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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