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how to make vanity mirrors with ball lights (old hollywood style)

i want to make a vanity for my room. i already have a table and a mirror but i want to put those small circular lights around it and make it look like an old hollywood makeup vanity. If anyone has any idea how i could do this without having to hire an electrician i would greatly appreciate it!
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Posted 2015-12-23T23:59:03+0000  by mariecablerr mariecablerr

Hello mariecablerr,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

Having a circular mirror versus a squared one is going to be more of a challenge in terms of proper placement of the vanity lights to give it your intended effect. Typically, these fixtures are already assembled, and the easier versions are in the rectangular/square styles.

If you've never done wiring before, I'd strongly advise you to at minimum consult a licensed electrician in your area who can go over detailed information. Failure to do so and wire improperly can lead to overloading the circuit that the light is going onto.

With that said, you'd at least need to begin to where the power source will be. For this many lights, you will need to hardwire it (power coming from the wall) and do NOT plug it in. There will be too many sockets and it can easily overload (fire hazard) the outlet if done so.

The biggest challenge you'll face is in cutting and shaping boards so that the sockets can fit in them, as well as wrap around the fixture. Take careful measurements so that the fixture will fit over theĀ mirror.

As for additional information, if you want to know more, let us know. This honestly takes a lot of skill set and planning. Plus, you haven't told us the size of the mirror, so this will dictate how many lights can and will go on it. This isn't a typical DIY project, so specific information is needed from you so you can see if you can tackle this build yourself.

What size is the mirror and is it the only light source in the room? Let us know, and keep us updated.


Posted 2015-12-24T00:19:32+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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