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how to paint a new dry wall garage in a new home

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Posted 2013-08-10T04:59:04+0000  by novicesenior novicesenior

The drywall job on most garages isn't the best, typically the joints are what's called a "fire coat".  They put enough mud and tape on the wall to cover the joints and make the installation fire resistant.  If yours doesn't look so great, you might want to think about sanding and putting on a another coat or two so that it looks a little better.  If there are seams between the drywall not taped, you might want to fix that too.  A garage is a great place to practice you skills.


If there is no paint at all, I'd probably use a PVA primer and top coat with whatever paint you'd like to use.  If there is any paint, then you can skip the primer.  Of course, you'll want to clean the walls, great rid of any spider webs, gives things a quick wipe down with a damp rag.   Because it's a garage, I wouldn't use the best paint on the market but the really cheap stuff tends to be hard to paint with.



Posted 2013-08-10T11:50:04+0000  by Adam444
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