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how to paint garage floor

We paint our garage floor last week with garage floor paint then followed by an epoxy coating, I was wondering why until now the top coating which is the epoxy is still sticky.Is their something wrong? if so, what we gonna do? Are we gonna remove / clean up all and start all over? What kind of garage paint we use and what's the use of epoxy coating? Can you give us the directions/instructions. Is it ok to cover the first layer with another new paint and a flakes. I need your  help and advice... thank you very much!

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Posted 2013-07-10T00:22:43+0000  by nmor nmor

You didn't need to paint the floor before the epoxy coating.  I'd suspect and interaction between the two that's causing the problem.  There's also some instructions in mixing the two part epoxy that need to be followed carefully.


You might want to contact the manufacturer of the epoxy and ask for their recommendations.

Posted 2013-07-10T15:13:58+0000  by Adam444

I would have to agree with Adam. There are Epoxy clear coatings, but they are normally either put over bare concrete as a protective sealer, or over epoxies as a clear protectorant to give additional wear. I could well believe there could be a negative reaction when mixing different products. Also, if it was a two part epoxy and the product was not mixed in the exact one to one ratio, there could be drying problems. Once combined, they must be thoroughly mixed and usually there is a short waiting period for the chemicals to combine before commenceing with the actually painting. Improper mixing would probably show up with some areas not drying and some drying more quickly. The process is somewhat similar to mixing fiberglas resins, if the catalyst is not thoroughly mixed, they won't cure correctly.


If I were coating a garage floor which was going to be driven upon, I would only consider a true two-part epoxy. These coatings form a hard, plastic like  coating that is highly resistive to all the petroleum based compounds that drip from a car. The worst petroleum based agent is the car tires which are pulled in the garage hot and gritty. Further, most people park in almost the same spot every time. When a garage floor fails, it usually starts where the tires sit.


I would probably wait a couple weeks to see if the problem cures itself. If not, you will probably have to remove it, either with chemical strippers, or with the use of a concrete grinding machine. Such machines can be rented at a rental center. They look like a buffing machine, but have grinding stones where the brushes would normally be. The bonus with a grinding machine is that it then leaves the concrete with a roughened surface to which the epoxy will readily bond.


Hope this has helped


Posted 2013-07-10T19:26:27+0000  by ordjen
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