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how to paint mobile home panelling

Hi, I recently purchased Behr Interior/exterior semi-gloss paint for my mobile home. Would I be able to use this paint on my ceiling since the ceiling has a glossy shine?

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Posted 2014-01-14T18:54:41+0000  by Creativity-One Creativity-One

Hello Creativity-One!


Shiny surfaces are designed to repel dirt and stains ... as a result, they also repel the next coat of paint.


Your best bet is to use a primer before applying paint.


Primer acts like double-stick tape for paint.


Primer sticks to most surfaces without sanding.


And primer produces a surface to which paint can readily adhere.


Prime the entire shiny surface, wait about two hours, and apply your paint of choice.



Our modern primer-and-paint-in-one products are not a great choice over shiny surfaces ... while they may create a paint film over the surface, these products are known to peel off in larger sheets when applied over very shiny surfaces.


On very shiny surfaces, you'll want to use primer first for better adhesion and then follow with two coats of paint.



The other method of promoting paint adhesion is to lightly sand the entire surface with 220-grit paper.

Pat InPaint

Posted 2014-01-14T19:33:28+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate it.



Posted 2014-01-14T19:56:21+0000  by Creativity-One
You are so welcome Creativity-One!

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