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how to paint my garage?

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Posted 2013-10-28T13:38:12+0000  by shilpa shilpa




You have posed a rather general question, the answer to which depends on what state your garge is presently in, and how good do you want the end product to look.


What shape is the garage in? Is it completely drywalled and finished taped? Are the seams only minimally taped, as most fire codes require, or have they been topped coated as in any other room in the house? If they are only partially taped, they should be topped off before further painting is done if a really finished looked is desired. Also, if a texture is to be applied, it sholud be done at this time too.


After preparing the wall surfaces to the smoothness or texture desired, the walls should be primed.  Even if the walls had been painted before, most builders only give " a lick and a promise" to garage walls, using poor quality flat paint. Especially if a higher sheen paint is going to be used, the walls should be primed first, or two coats of a paint and primer type paint should be used. Both Behr Premium Plus and Premium Plus Ultra are self-primeing "paint and primer in one" paints.


Generally speaking, a gallon of paint will cover about 300 square feet, dependng on how "dry" the walls are. Well primed and sealed walls will take less paint. The average 20x20x10 foot ceiling , two car garage has about 1000 feet of surface to be painted ( remember the back of the garage door takes up most of one wall). This means you will use beween 3 and 4 gallons for the finish coat in a two car garage if the ceiling is included. A simlilar amount of primer would be used in priming those walls.


What sheen of paint you use is largely determined by how you use the garage. The higher the sheen the more washable and scuff resistant is the paint. A higher sheen tends to reflect light more too. Of course, lighter colors reflect more light and make for a brighter work space.


Hope this has answered some of your questions.

Posted 2013-10-28T16:57:15+0000  by ordjen
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