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how to paint over a laminate dresser

I have an older laminate top dresser, I have been told the wood under the laminate is getting old also so I should consider painting the top.  I have read some things online about sanding the laminate and filling in those areas missing with wood puddy, but what is suggested and is there a class?

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Posted 2014-01-30T22:25:29+0000  by xzh51n xzh51n

Hello xzh51n!


As you've indicated, laminate dresser tops are relatively simple to coat.


Use wood filler, a wide-blade trowel, and sandpaper to recreate a smooth surface.


Prime with an oil-based primer.


Then paint using oil-based paint for more durability or water-based paint for simplicity.


Allow the surface to cure for several days before returning to everyday use.



Lower temperatures slow dry-time, so adjust your schedule according to the temp in your work area.


Do not apply primer or paint in temps below fifty-degrees Fahrenheit.

Posted 2014-01-31T19:35:53+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

Thank you for your replay, I have read several articles and all say do not use oil base...interesting.


I have also been told to may put a sheet of something that looks marble and glue it to the top.


I have two chests and two night stands, so whatever proecess I go with, they need to all look the same in the end.


I am going to come into the storm homefully soon and talk to someone about my options.


Thanks again, Janet

Posted 2014-01-31T19:39:24+0000  by xzh51n

Yes Janet,


You will find countless methods.


What I've tried to do is give a simple DIY answer that proves successful without too many variables.


Zinsser Cover Stain is labeled, "Sticks to all surfaces without sanding. Dries quickly. Use any topcoat."


Why don't we take those one at a time:

1) Sticks to all surfaces without sanding ... Most often, you will wipe the surface with denatured alcohol to remove any dirt or debris or you may lightly sand with 220-grit paper and wipe the sanding dust with a dry terry towel.


Yes, I sand with a high number paper even though I don't have to ... it simply dulls the gloss and improves adhesion without creating ridges in the surface.


2) Dries quickly ... at one time, the label said "one-hour." Today, they allow a bit more time, just in case the temps are cold.


3) Use any topcoat ... oil-based paint is more durable, but water-based paint will adhere to oil-based primer just as well.



Zinsser 123 is a water-based primer that includes vinyl as one of the surface to which it can adhere.


Personally, I like the oil-based primer on most surfaces.

Posted 2014-01-31T20:16:19+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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