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how to paint over wallpaper

How to paint over wallpaper?

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Posted 2016-07-24T14:47:42+0000  by sydniealex sydniealex

Once you paint over wallpaper, it becomes extremely difficult to remove at some future time. Optimum would be to remove it, however, if the task is too daunting, it can be painted over.

The wall paper must be sealed in with a non-water soluble primer, such as oil CoverStain, oil Original Kilz,  or shellac based BIN. The reason for this is to prevent moisture from a water based primer from getting to the water soluble paste which is holding the wallpaper on the wall and causing it to release.

Before beginning to prime, it is a good idea to "feel" all the seams and edges with your fingers. If seams have been lapped slightly, they should be sanded flat. If loose edges are found, they should be cut away with a razor knife. These exposed rough areas can be spackled and sanded after the primer as dried. They can then be spot primed with the same oil primer.

Finally, the walls can be finished coated with the paint of choice, either oil or water based.
Posted 2016-07-25T04:38:41+0000  by ordjen
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