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how to paint the interior of a house myself

I have never painted a house and I would like to learn how to d so. Is there any advice someone could give me. 


First time painter 

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Posted 2013-06-27T01:15:19+0000  by azebgesese azebgesese

Preparation is the key to a good paint job.  Patch any dings, nail holes, etc. with spackle or drywall mud.  Wash all surfaces to remove any dirt and grime.  If you're really fussy or have an older house where bits of paint and other stuff has accumulated on the surface, you might want to sand.  A drywall sander on pole works well along with drywall screens.  You'll need to clean up any dust.  Remove receptacle and switch covers.  Protect switches and receptacles with some blue painters tape.  Pull down light fixtures or protect them with blue painters tape.  Blue painters tape is wonderful stuff but expensive and worth every penny.  Assuming you painting door and window trim, fill any small gaps with painter's caulk.  Any dings or nail holes in wood trim can be filled with wood filler, sanded, and painted.  


Don't cheap out on equipment or paint.  A good paint brush costs a mimimum of $10 but properly cared for will last for years.  I like a 2" angled trim/sash brush for cutting in.  Good rollers too.  Cheap ones leave bits of fuzz in the paint.  Cover floors with heavy canvas drop clothes.  Plastic is cheap but tends to bunch up under foot and is slippery.  Save the plastic for covering furniture.  Work with a damp rag handy and clean up any drips immediately.  You shouldn't be covered in paint, if you are there's something wrong.  Keep a 5-in-1 painter's tool in your pocket too.  Useful to knock of a high spot you missed or wrap your rag around it to clean up paint in a corner.


Work from a comfortable position.  If you need a ladder, buy one.  If you need to move furniture, move it.  Invest in a pole for your roller frame so you can paint ceilings and walls from the floor.


Learn how to "cut in" which is basically painting a straight line or following an existing line.  For example, the junction between the wall and ceiling is NEVER straight, it's the nature of drywall.  You can run a 100' of tape around you ceiling but because the tape is staight and the ceiling not straight it still won't look right.  Cut in and trust your eye to get it "right."  It takes some practice and you'll probably need that damp rag but that's ok.  You'll pick up the technique quickly enough.


If you need to take a break, cover your brush and roller with plastic.  No need to clean them, just wrap them tightly in kitchen plastic wrap.  For the roller, a plastic shopping bag works too.  You'll be good to at least the next day.  Don't waste your time cleaning rollers.  Just toss the old one and start fresh.  Brushes can and should be cleaned.



Hope this helps!



Posted 2013-06-27T11:59:48+0000  by Adam444
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