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how to paint walls in a garage?

what do i need to paint the inside walls of my garage.  what paint is recommended. 

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Posted 2013-09-20T21:08:01+0000  by bruja2010 bruja2010

This is in an ordinary enlosed garage?  Then any interior paint would work.  You don't need to use an exterior paint.


If the garage walls are unpainted drywall, use a PVA primer first.  It's cheap (Glidden is $10 per gallon) and helps seal the drywall so the paint isn't absorbed.

Posted 2013-09-20T22:34:47+0000  by Adam444

Hello bruja2010!


Paint is made in sheens that commonly range: flat, eggshell, or satin for walls.


Trim paint is commonly semi-gloss or gloss.


The higher the sheen, the more washable.


The lower the sheen, the less imperfections (like nail pops) on the wall will show.


When choosing paint for a garage trim, I would match the existing trim sheen and color from the interior ... creating continuity.


When choosing paint for the garage walls, I would decide if you are going to clean the walls (satin) or simply touch up the paint to freshen the walls (flat or eggshell).


Eggshell is a natural choice because it combines the ability to wash with the ability to easily touch up.


Off-white to pale grey or pale tan are common colors on garage walls.

Posted 2013-10-03T15:04:00+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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