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how to prepare foundation for paint

how do i prepare and paint old painted foundation?

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Posted 2013-05-26T21:06:34+0000  by niki31 niki31

1) Wash the surface prior to painting.  If there is any mold/mildew, a solution of 1 cup bleach 2-3 cups water will kill mildew on the surface. Apply with a garden sprayer. Be sure to rinse after using a bleach solution.


2) Scrape any loose paint that is peeling or flaking.


3)  After allowing a day or so to dry,  you can either spot prime the bare spots of prime the whole foundation.  If you are priming, ask an associate to tint the primer to a color close to the finish coat.  I would reccomend using Zinsser 1-2-3, Kilz Premium Primer, or the Behr Premius Plus Exterior Multi Surface Primer in the order listed.


4) Top Coat with a Behr Premium Plus Ultra or Behr Premium Plus Paint.  Choose any color you like, if you want a white, go with the 1852 white, for better hide and better color retention.

Posted 2013-05-26T21:15:16+0000  by sully9er

Hello Niki31!


Sully's suggestions are exactly right!


However, you might also consider Behr Masonry and Stucco paint as your final coating.


This product is made specifically for masonry and stucco surfaces, is self-priming, and comes in either a flat or a satin finish.


The product is reasonably priced and is easy to apply on foundations.

Posted 2013-05-28T14:04:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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