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how to raise garage roof to put in a 'mother-in-law' apartment

how do we raise the garage roof to make room for an apartment?

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Posted 2011-07-17T11:58:08+0000  by joeykerst joeykerst

Hi there joeykerst and thank you for your question.


Can garage roof be raised and if it can how to raise it depends on the several factors.


First it depends on the framing method  and materials used.


If this is detached garage stud spacing and ceiling joist or rafter ties are most likely not constructed to take any type of additional load. This said your local building department will most likely not approve any kind of addition.

If this is an attached garage there might be a possibility of adding on.


Consult your local building department prior to any alterations.


Generally speaking in order to add/convert on to the attached garage you would have to comply with some essential building codes.

First garage would have to be structurally modified to accept addition. This would involve adding beams, changing floor and wall structure to accommodate for the additional load.

Second, code compliance with headroom requirements natural light and ventilation openings, also egress or second entrance would have to be provided. Walls would have to be insulated and comply with newest energy code an addition  some fire rating requirements would have to be executed.

Finally mechanicals may need to be upgraded to accommodate for additional needs.


Hope this helps and welcome to the How-To community.



Posted 2011-07-18T16:16:08+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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