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how to remodeling my big patio ??

i bought my house 2 years ago,i have a ugly big patio i need few tips to remodeling with out expend a lot money ,i just lost my second job :0(

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Posted 2011-07-15T15:19:02+0000  by diablita diablita

Hi Diablita,


Thank you for your question.  This is Ricks Picks.  I can appreciate your situation.  One of the many things that can be done without spending any money is to just clean the patio area out of any unwanted debris, over grown plants, weeds and any other trash that might have been left in the back yard.  Just doing that alone will help improve the looks of your patio area immensely.  Without seeing a picture of our patio area, I can only guess what could be done.  Sometimes just a simple rearrangement of your outdoor furniture can impact the “look” of your patio area. 


Let’s start with these simple tasks and see where that leads us.  If you could take some pictures of our patio as it is now, that will help to visualize what could be done with your patio area.  I have included a few pictures that may help to give you some ideas as to what can be done in your back yard.  


Pavers can also be an inexpensive way of dressing up your patio and you can do it yourself too!

                               Holland Stone Paver 8 x 4.jpg                         Paver Decorastone 9 in long.jpg

                    Brickface Paver 16x16.jpg                  Paver Charcol Tan Cobble 12 in x 6 in.jpg

Pergolas amd Gazebos  come in a wide range of prices but they can really change the look of your back yard.


Cedar Pergola.jpg Pergola.jpg

Gazebo Harbor style.jpgOurdoor Decor.jpg Gazebo Arrow style.jpg

Even by adding some simple and inexpensive fencing you can alter a boring fence line and create a more attractive area.

                 Fencing Stone & Plants.jpg        Fencing installation.jpg         

Even adding some simple lighting can make a dramatic change in the appearance of your patio area.  

                      Lighted tree pic 2.jpg        Outdoor-landscape-lighting-p002.jpg


How about adding some patio furniture?  You can really make a nice change in the appearance of your patio.

              Patio Furniture Gallery Style.jpg             Patio furniture Martha Steewart Wicker.jpg

Even some fresh new plants can really change the appearance of that ugly looking backyard, once you have it all cleaned up.  Some trailing petunias can easily brighten up a space .


                                      Trailing Petunias.jpg


Do you have a very shady area in your back yard?  Impatience love the shade and come in a variety of colors as well!!




Be sure to take some pictures of what your back yard looks like now and what it looks like after your remodel.  If you need more ideas, include some pictures so that we can have a better idea as to what can be done with your back yard patio area. 


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Posted 2011-07-15T18:12:04+0000  by Rick_HD_OC



My problem is similar to Diablita's, however, I don't think my patios are as big as hers.  


I have a condo with 2 patios(upper and lower) and I have no idea how to decorate either of them.   I'm not sure if I should do furniture or plants or both...please help.  I have been in my condo for a year and my patios are plain and empty...Thanks!

Posted 2011-07-28T19:32:07+0000  by literarydivah

Hi literarydivah,


Thank you for your question.  The size of your patio is not as important as what you do with it.  When you look at your patio, ask yourself “What would I like to see here?”  Your first step will be to take pictures of what you have now.  The next step is to clean out one of the patios so that you will have a blank canvass to work with.  With lots of “stuff” in the patio, is makes it hard to visualize what can be done with your patio areas. 


Whether you decide to use plants, furniture or both, there are no hard fast rules other than, keep it clean and keep it simple!!  Plants can add a soothing effect to your patio when you include a water feature such as a small fountain.  Keep in mind what kind of sunlight you have as this will affect the type of plants you can have in your patio areas. 




You might consider having the upper patio area be a more secluded and private area just for you and the bottom one more for entertaining.  Patio sets can go from the very simple to the more complex which also regulates the price.  Simple is generally less expensive and can easily fit into a modest budget.  Adding some taller palms or a couple of potted Ficus can give you some privacy on an open balcony.  Below are some examples of stand plants for a shady area:


Bonsai Schefflera.jpgBraided Money Tree.jpgBonsai Gensing Ficus indoor.jpg


For some patio plants that stand tall and like the shade check out the Corn Plant and the Ficus: 


Dracaena fragrans Massangeana (Corn Plant).jpg  Ficus Indoor Potted.jpgFicus 5 gal.jpg


One thing to remember is that “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder”.  If you find that decorating is not one of your better talents, ask a friend or a neighbor to help you out.  Use your digital camera to take a picture of the empty patio, use a computer program such as “Photo Shop” or something similar to arrange different settings in your patio and give you several options without having to put the physical items there until you are actually set upon a definite idea.  Check out some episodes of Yard Crashers to see some interesting transformations and to collect some ideas for yourself as well. 


Adding a fountain can also help create a relaxing Zen atmosphere.  Here are just a few:


Fountain Indoor Aqua.jpgFountain Kenroy Aqueduct.jpgFountain indoor Shadow Wall.jpg


Lastly, do not allow yourself to go into overwhelm mode!  Take it one small step at a time and take time to congratulate yourself on a job well done!  Good luck with your project.  Be sure to take some before and after pictures of your project and share them with the rest of the community.


This has been another of,

Posted 2011-07-29T19:18:35+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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