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how to remove dead grass and what kind of tools i use

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Posted 2013-06-05T02:28:06+0000  by arsenia223 arsenia223

Hi there arsenia223,


I’m Jen, from The Home Depot.  Welcome to the community!


Here are a few tools that can be used to remove grass.  Choosing the correct tool for the job, will vary depending on how much dead grass you actually have and how large of an area you are removing.


If you have a little buildup of dead grass and can see the green grass poking its way through, then you can use a Thatch Rake and remove the dead grass by hand. 

Dethatch Rake.jpg



If you have a larger yard, you can buy or rent a Dethatcher .  This drags the dead grass through the tines and brings it to the top.  The excess can be removed with a rake or a bagger.



If the yard is predominantly dead, then you can use a shovel with a square tip to cut through the grass and remove it in pieces.  




Let us know if you have any questions about these products.  We are happy to help.

Posted 2013-06-06T12:54:01+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS
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