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how to repair drywall on kitchen ceiling?

how do I repair drywall on kitchen ceiling?
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Posted 2016-01-28T15:49:25+0000  by jasons1 jasons1
Hello jasons1,

You haven't stated your exact problem, so I'm going to cover several possible repairs.

If your drywall is water-stained, you would use an oil-based primer before applying ceiling paint.

Because oil-based primer have a slightly different surface tension that water-based ceiling paint, I recommend a very light sanding with 220-grit after allowing the primer to dry one-hour.

A 3/8ths nap roller cover will create a smooth coat.

If you have texture on the ceiling, measure the depth of the pattern and add 1/2-inch to select a roller cover that will paint down into the pattern ... ex. 1/4-inch deep ceiling pattern + 1/2-inch = paint with 3/4-inch nap roller cover.

If you have a hole in the ceiling, repairs are often started by enlarging the hole to reach the support beams above the ceiling.

In some cases, the two-by-two foot repair sheetrock is all that is needed.

Larger holes may require cutting a larger piece of repair sheetrock from a full sheet.

The key is locating the ceiling support beams, positioning the repair sheetrock so it will attach to the support beams, marking the outside edge of the repair sheetrock, and enlarging the repair hole to match the repair sheetrock ... much easier than trying to patch an irregular size hole.

Sheetrock screws will secure the repair piece to the beams, ensuring the repair will be level with the existing ceiling.

Sheetrock mud and tape are used to cover the seam.

Sand smooth with 220-grit, prime, and paint to match the existing ceiling.

Ceiling paint can be very difficult to get an exact match, because it has so little colorant.

So, you may choose to repaint the entire ceiling to ensure uniform appearance.

If neither of these suggestions matches your repair, write back with more detail.

Hope this helps!

Pat InPaint
Posted 2016-01-28T16:32:19+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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