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how to replace copper pipes under kitchen sink

I am new to any sort of home improvement. I want to simply replace my kitchen faucet, but I need to replace the copper pipes underneath the sink first. There is one shut off valve that the 2 pipes are connected to. from there they run straight up to the faucet. How do I replace them with the flexi hose supply lines in the most simple way.

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Posted 2013-04-16T12:20:58+0000  by heyheyrob heyheyrob

Hello Rob and thank you for joining our How-to community.


Simple unscrew the copper supply lines form the shut of valves.

These are called flare supplies and they are basically attached to the shut off valve with a nut and a ring placed around the outside diameter of the pipe.


One the nut is tightened ring is narrowed down to provide the seal.


Bring this whole assembly in to one of our stores and ask our plumbing associate to give you a replacement flex supply. He should be able to determine the size needed based on the copper parts.

 faucet supply.jpg

Hope this helps and please do not hesitate to post back with any additional questions you may have.



Posted 2013-04-16T18:00:34+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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