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how to replace screening in patio door

how do I replace screening in my patio sliding door

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Posted 2013-06-23T13:36:15+0000  by jag123mrg jag123mrg

Hi Jag123mrg,


Replacing the screen material in a sliding patio screen door is easy.


Here are the steps:


(1)  Remove the screen door from the opening


(2)  Carefully remove the rubber spline from the door frame ( this spline retains the screen material in the frame)


(3)  Cut the new screen material approximately 6 inches longer and wider that the door opening.


(4)  Starting at one corner insert the spline in the frame to retain the screen material. Keep tension on the

       screen material as you install the spline to prevent sags when the job is complete.


(5)  Finish one side before starting the other.


(6)  Next have an assistant stretch the screen material tight while you install the spline in the opposite side


(7)  Insert the spline in the top and bottom to finish the screen installation.


(8)  Lastly trim off the excess screen material with a utility knife and reinstall the door.



Posted 2013-06-27T22:12:26+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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