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how to replace the tub surround

My sister and I are going to replace the tub surround, but have never done anything like this before, and would like some instructions before we start this project. We thought we would attend one of your how to classes, but see none for this project. any help would be appreciated.

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Posted 2011-04-02T13:27:05+0000  by luckypeg13 luckypeg13

Hey there luckypeg13,


Welcome to the community and thanks for your question!


Joseph here from Home Depot here in Atlanta, let's talk about getting your tub surround out.


Luckily, we have had a similar question about taking out a tub already here on the community.


The first one was done by our in-house expert SteelToes, it is very informative and links you back to another post that another expert, Ask_Mr_Jay did about tub installation, both can be found here


While I know your tub surround will most likely be fiberglass and not just a steel tub, as was stated in the link, you can still apply the same steps for things like covering the drain, for example. I will also give you some pointers below alongside a pic with things you will need for this project.


First off, make a mental checklist (or literal one) of the things to prepare for to get the job done as tub surrounds can vary by installation and placement.



  • Are the supply lines to the shower accessible to be turned off before removing the surround?
  • Are the corner areas of the surround where it comes in contact with the wall can be easily removed by pry bar?
  • Will your replacement tub or surround fit exactly like the old one, if you decide to put one up?
  • Do you have any tile, drywall, or flooring that could be altered after removal that may jeopardize the integrity of those areas? If so, you will need to address that once the removal is done.
  • Will you need to get replacement drains, faucets, etc for your new tub?


You will have actually an easier time in the getting the surround off once you get access to taking the panels off entirely. For this job, its always safety first, so gloves, long sleeve shirts and pants alongside goggles will be needed to protect yourself for any flying chards that will come off.


For the panels, I would recommend at this steps just covering the panels you want to take out with duct tape put over in a X shape so the pieces don't shatter everywhere. Start typically at the corner with a pry bar if you can find access to remove a corner off of the panel, as it most likely will be glued into the studs.  Below is a sample of what we talked about here in the post.



Mostly though, it will be just old-fashioned sledgehammering away at the panels as well as the tub for areas that the adhesive won't pry off. This is a job that can be done in a day, but make sure to be safe and you and your sister have the means to safely haul it away.


Any further or specific questions please do not hesitate to ask us here,




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Posted 2011-04-02T18:44:29+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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