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how to reset food waste disposal?

Please, i would like to know how to reset a Premier food waste disposal that stopped working?

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Posted 2013-07-09T13:29:35+0000  by homecare homecare

Hello homecare!


The two places to check are:


1) The red reset button on the bottom of the disposer; and

2) The breaker for this appliance.


Use a light to look into the disposer DO NOT PUT YOUR HAND INTO THIS APPLIANCE!


If you see a fork or spoon stuck inside, use long tongs to fish it out.


Heavy steak bones may require removal as well.


Then, use your light to look at the bottom of the motor housing, inside the cabinet.


With the wall switch off, push up on the red reset button until you feel a distinct click.


If no click occurs, then proceed to the breaker box and flip that breaker completly off and then back on.


Try your wall switch.



Always run water while operating your disposer. You'll help eliminate drain clogs that often occur when heavier foods a ground.

Posted 2013-07-09T13:43:30+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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