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how to sand repaire window frame?

When our puppy was teething, she acquire herself of the lower portion of our window frame. I have patched the areas she chased and now need to sand these areas smooth so I can repaint. I probably need a detail sander. of some type but what type of attachments should I use to successfully follow along the grooves (round in some cases and squared off in others)?

Greatly appreciate any guidance you more experienced folks out there might have.
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Posted 2012-12-03T17:41:21+0000  by repairnewbie repairnewbie

Hi, Repairnewbie,


A detail sander will work very well for your project.  Most come with a variety of sanding tips to reach the various areas of the window sill.


Some hand sanding may be required to finish the areas the sander cannot get into, such as the rounded grooves.


To sand the rounded grooves use a piece of sand paper wrapped around a wooden dowel.


Start by using a 100-150 grit sand paper to sand off the majority of the excess putty, then switch to 220 grit to finish the sanding.


Finally dust off any sanding dust and prime the wood, followed by the paint.


Let us know how the job turns out.




Posted 2012-12-03T23:27:44+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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