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how to sound proof a room

how to sound proof a bedroom


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Posted 2013-05-15T21:27:29+0000  by vazque2 vazque2

Hi Vazque2,


The first step is to evaluate the room’s present acoustics.


Does the room have a window; if so are there draperies of blinds?  Heavy drapes can make a significantly reduction in the sound entering the room from outside.


Floor to ceiling draperies even on a wall without a window will make a big difference in the sound level.


Is the room carpeted or does it have tile or vinyl flooring? Carpet will absorb a significant amount of sound by prevents echoes in the room especially a room with a high ceiling.


Placing carpet on the walls will act as a sound baffle as well. It can make an interesting decor item as well.


You can make your own sound diffusers with Styrofoam covered with fabric. These can placed in the room behind furniture or hung on the wall, anyone for Styrofoam art?



Speaking of furniture, large fabric upholstered pieces of furniture will quite a loud room.


If the sound is coming from an adjoining room, it can be blocked with large book cases or bureaus placed along the wall. These large items absorb the sound vibrations.


Sound also travels through HVAC ducting and doorways, use weather striping insulation on the doors and close any unused HVAC ducts.


Use caulk to seal around windows and base boards to block out sound.


If you’re married a good way to reduce the sound level is to get your mother- in- law to move out! (Just kidding, no nasty letters please!)


Let us know which methods worked for you!



Posted 2013-05-16T17:40:36+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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