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how to unfreeze cold water pipe

how do you  unfreeze cold water pipe

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Posted 2014-01-04T20:57:42+0000  by lcare74345 lcare74345

Before starting, you'll want to carefully inspect the pipe for any cracks or damage.  If the pipe is damaged and you thaw it, water will come spraying out.


A hair dryer would probably be the best of the commonly available household tools to use.  You don't want to use anything with an open flame (like a torch) to avoid the risk of fire.


Depending on the lenght of the pipe you might want to also consider heat tape wrapped in insulation (which would also keep the pipe from freezing again).  There are also professional tools that might be available for rental at Home Depot or elsewhere.

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Posted 2014-01-04T21:05:09+0000  by Adam444


Having survived the all time record low of -27 degrees in Chicago in January of 1985, I offer these tips as  much of the U.S. expects sub-zero temps the next couple days:


Don't turn your house temp down at night for the duration. That extra heat is helping keep your pipes warm during the very cold nights. The gas companies actually prefer a constant draw during the night rather than a surge of demand in the morning.


If your pipes are on outside walls, leave the cabinet doors open to allow more heat to get to those pipes.


If you suspect you might have problems with freezing, consider letting the faucets trickle all night. Moving water doesn't freeze. Again, the public utilities encourage this during super cold periods as their supply lines are often not deep enough for extreme cold for prolonged periods. During that record cold in Chicago, the water main in front of my house burst. The water company had to literally jack hammer the frozen ground to repair it, even as the temps never went above zero!


Better safe tan sorry!



Posted 2014-01-05T01:48:08+0000  by ordjen
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