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how to write appreciation to a homedepo employee


I would like to send my big appreciation to a person- Pedram, who is working at hardware department.

He is knowledgeable and attentive to his duties. His service was fast and skilled. Thank you Pedram.

Good luck to you. Faina -Customer.

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Posted 2013-04-07T15:20:23+0000  by 45353 45353
I would like to show my appreciation to your employee Mr. Phil he was more than helpful when I came in looking for items I had know knowledge of. Thank you for all you did Phil. I will definitely be back to see you. 
Posted 2019-04-14T07:17:13+0000  by Bama
I really want thanks a lot to Angela James in paint department at Home Depot located Ellicott City, MD, for her great service, detail info and very good precessional manner. 

Posted 2019-06-15T17:14:43+0000  by JpXu
We had such a great experience at the home depot Decatur, GA. (Snapfinger Woods store) thanks to Tara Ellis and her crew. I am a "do it yourself'er" and I had lost faith in home depot. I would go in and it seems no one could help me solve problems with my projects. My faith has now been restored! We went in looking for a washer/ dryer set and Tara new "everything" about the appliances. We told her what we were looking for and the budget we were working with, and she went above and beyond to help find us the perfect set. And to top it all off, since our washer/dryer set was on clearance and there was no free delivery, we even got help from the store manager with that! This store has an amazing, friendly and helpful staff. We left this store feeling truly blessed and thankful to all the people who helped us. From the appliance department, to the employees who helped load our appliances, and to the store manager who helped get the appliances to our home. THANKS YOU HOME DEPOT (STORE 0118) you guys are AMAZING!!

Thank you,
Dreycem J.
Posted 2020-01-17T14:41:56+0000  by DREY
Agradecemos a Arturo Hernandez en Mayaguez,PR. Fue muy atento en ayudarnos a conseguir unas cortinas.
Posted 2020-08-08T23:11:18+0000  by Fernan
I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Ruben Martinez (I think that's his last name) in the hardware section of the Home Depot store in El Cajon, CA.  I had a repair job at my home that I needed parts to complete.  I wasn't sure where to find anything.  Ruben explained exactly what I'd need and how to do the repair.  He was very knowledgeable and helpful.  I was glad that he was the person who was available to help me.  Thanks Ruben!!!!
Muriel Rodarte
Posted 2020-08-30T05:16:55+0000  by MurMur
I would also like to jump-in and share my thanks.  Store #7005 (I believe), Dillon in Lumber and John, the Manager.  

🌟Dillon🌟 was the OG in my case...kind, understanding, and helpful.  After getting off the phone with Dillon, I had real hope for a resolution.  👏🏻John was efficient, professional, and competent.  Between them, they solved my issue in mere minutes, where over 2 hours of my trying to engage with Customer Service had failed.  (Over 2 hours!  Think about that.  It really set me back this morning, with what should have been a very quick resolution.) 

I am so thankful Dillon was there to assist me.  I was struggling by that point.  ...Missed work, dying phone, wrong items being delivered, which I’d have difficulty returning, and still needing the correct items.  Sheesh!  Dillon saved the day!  😃  

Then John called right away, to let me know how he could resolve this for me.  Polite and to the point.  

Thanks, my dudes.  You were real dudes being bros.  😜 


Purely in the interest of relaying a Customer Service failure, here’s what actually went down...

I can’t emphasize enough how stressful my morning already was, in addition to this fiasco; my own error with my online order was compounded by no ability to contact anyone from Customer Service for over 2 hours (and counting, as I never did hear back from the SMS Customer Service option).   

Selecting items for my order via was slow-going.  Each search results page needed to be refreshed, in order to see the product images.  Each selection takes about 10 seconds to load.  Each search query edit jumps the cursor to the end of the text in the search field, with each new letter entered.  (e.g. Want to refine ‘conduit’ by adding ‘1/2”’ in front of the word ‘conduit’?  You have to replace the cursor in the correct spot after the ‘1’, then again after the ‘/‘, then ‘2’, then the “, then add the space, as it will jump to the end with each new letter typed.  It’s faster just to delete the whole query and retype it all, at once.)  (I’m using an iPad mini, if that informs IT, at all.)  :) 

Yes, I made a stupid mistake in the size of one of the items I ordered, but I think my growing impatience with the site performance may have led me to complete my purchase in haste.  Regardless, I noticed my error very quickly after placing my order, and immediately set about trying to rectify it.  It wasn’t to be delivered ‘til the next day, so there was plenty of time, I thought.  (A $60 delivery fee is wasted, if I have to pack the incorrect items and return them to the store, myself.) 

In my defence, I have little experience with ordering-errors.  I order almost everything online, and get it right pretty much all the time.  (Long story short, for anyone in a similar predicament, it seems as though substitutions can only be made to an order if the items are the same price.  I was led to believe that if my wrong items were the same price as the correct ones, I might have had a chance to swap them, before delivery.  Since the items I mistakenly ordered were significantly more expensive per unit, I could not simply adjust my order.  The only options ended up being accept the incorrect items and return them to a store myself, or cancel the order and resubmit it.)  

The toll-free wait time for Customer Service was brutal, and eventually I opted for the call-back feature, despite the uncertainty of being able to hear an incoming call if I went back to work.  It took about 30 min’s-ish for the return call, it seems.  I busied myself with receiving multiple deliveries, during that time.  When I did finally get someone, I was told I had to contact the store directly.  However, that CSR did transfer me, after some time on hold.  

After he hung up, all I heard was the sound of someone walking.  I loudly said, “Hello,” multiple times, and did get the attention of the person on the open end of the call.  Initially surprised to find someone on the line, she said she’d transfer me to the store’s Customer Service department, but after a few rings, my call was disconnected.  

- -

I called the store directly (since the toll-free CSR said that’s what needed to be done, anyway), and found the only option to speak with someone from Customer Service went to a recording in French, indicating (‘0’...for Customer Service) was an invalid entry.  I called back, assuming some sort of temporary glitch.  Nope.  Same recording.  

I was at least an hour into the process, at this point.  

I called back again, in hopes there would be some sort of Customer Service option within the list of store departments.  Nope.  Only ‘0’ for Customer Service which...yep...still goes to that French recording then hangs up.  

I took a few deep breaths, then called the toll-free number again.  While on hold, I decided to simultaneously try the TEXT option.  That went round and round, restarting a few times, and nothing beyond me texting ‘Agent’.  While still on hold, and waiting for a text reply, my phone died.  

- -

That’s when I lost it.  I’m not proud of that, but you had to be there.  My morning annihilated by this time.  2 hours completely wasted.  Diminishing hope that I could correct my order before it’s delivered.  Being hung-up on.  Futile repeated dialling, texting, etc.  

I was  t-r-y-i-ng  to rectify an error before it became a problem.  But I just couldn’t get through to anyone. 

I knew what I had to do.  This was my local Home Depot, after all.  The people who work there aren’t idiots.  They could help me, if I could just get through to someone.  

So, I called, and selected the Lumber department.  I explained there was no way to get through to the store’s Customer Service department (only a recording indicating an invalid entry) and pleaded for assistance.  The associate was so kind.  My voice was cracking because I was on the verge of tears (from hours of exasperation and frustration), and he took my information and promised someone would get back to me.  

In the end, that’s how my issue was resolved.  Dillon and John quickly helped me.  I was able to cancel the original order and resubmit it with the corrected items.  Now that it’s all over, it seems bizarre how stress-inducing it was, at the time.  But it really was.  The hours spent simply trying to correct my mistake or cancel the order (before anyone actually started picking the items) not only created astonishing stress for me, but meant my own work had to be postponed, or abandoned entirely.  No bueno.  :( 

Even trying to find a way to relay this Customer Service failure, or my praise for Dillon and John, has led me here, as there’s simply no reasonable way to contact Customer Service or to email Home Depot.  Even the link to ‘Customer Survey’ goes to a blank page.  
Posted 2020-09-14T21:08:21+0000  by DIWhy
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