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i have a bed frame and its missing parts do you sell bed frame parts

 bed frame parts.jpgI need to find this parts do you have them or do you know where I can buy them 

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Posted 2013-11-08T22:24:03+0000  by pineda1231 pineda1231

Most of the time those parts are specific to the manufacturer...I would caution trying to find parts that are not exact - especially at those critical points of the bed frame construction.  Those parts are usually obtained at the factory where they are constructed and are difficult to find for sale.


 I did find a couple of web sites for bed frame parts that offer one type of "bed hook bracket" (the black part) and "connecting brackets" (the grey part).  Neither one of these parts were even close to the size and type of yours and would cost nearly $80.  I suggest removing the parts and maybe try finding the them at a consignment/flea market type shop from another frame.  You may stand a better chance that way.


The only other solution I can come up with may be crude but effective... Simpson Strong-Tie has a bracket that is used for attaching deck joists to a deck frame.  This may work if you use screws to attach the head board to the side rail.





Posted 2013-11-10T19:51:27+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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