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i just bought sod from home depot i put the soil and sod already do i need to put any chemical

after to mantained  it????

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Posted 2013-07-03T23:36:04+0000  by beto beto

I have put down a lot of sod over the last two years, Fescue and Zoysia.  I usually put starter fertilizer under the sod and did not do anything with drop fertilizer for several weeks to avoid burning it.  I am no expert though.  I have had a lot of luck with a liquid product called Nutri 20 that is available on the internet.  I started using it last summer and my sod responded very well


On a side note, I did not know that Home Depot sold sod.  I guess they do not do so in my area (North Georgia / Tennessee)

Posted 2013-07-04T00:52:35+0000  by rkidwill

Hey beto.


My question to you is where do you live and what kind of sod was it?


If it was Fescue sod and you live in an area like Atlanta like I do, then you would want to use nothing more than a 10-10-10 fertilizer. Fescue is a cool season grass that struggles in high temperatures and can easily be overwhelmed with any significant amount of fertilizer. What Fescue really needs down here now is plenty of water.


If you put down Bermuda or Zoysia sod then you could still use a starter fertilizer down because these grasses are warm season grasses that do fine in the heat and struggle with cooler temperatures.


No matter what kind of sod it was, the absolute best thing for it is water. One to two times a day for the first 2 to 3 weeks is not too much water.

Posted 2013-07-04T10:32:01+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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