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Building Materials

i need to screw a piece of wood into another piece of wood, is a dowel screw what I need to use?

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Posted 2013-07-27T01:30:08+0000  by shashou shashou

Hi shashou,


Thank you for your question and welcome back to our community.


A  Dowel Screw  will work to fasten two pieces of wood together, depending on what your objective is.  What kind of project are you working on?  There are a number of ways to fasten two pieces of wood together including Fluted wooden dowels and wood glue if it is a part of furniture for example. 


Dowel screw.jpg                 Dowel screw-Hanger Bolt.jpg            Dowel Screw-Courst steel.jpg


Dowels Wooden-Fluted.jpgWood Glue-Gorilla.jpgWood Glue-Elmers.jpgWood Glue-Super Glue.jpg


Many table legs are attached with the Dowel Screws but the supports sides and corners of the furniture may be help together with fluted wooden dowels and glue.  


What type of mobility will your project need?  Will it be stationary or on rollers?


Please provide us with more information if you have further questions.


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Posted 2013-07-30T17:22:35+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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