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i want to paint my bathroom cabinets green. What paint is best?

What is the best option to use when painting bathroom cabinets? I want to paint my bathroom cabinets a green color.

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Posted 2013-09-05T15:17:33+0000  by chrissyolson chrissyolson




Behr Ultra Satin or Semi-gloss will work fine on your bathroom vanity. I am assuming that the vanity is of wood construction with a stained and varnished finish. As always, you will want to make sure the vanity is clean and free of oils from peoples hands. A scuff sanding of the old finish to help assure good adhesion. It is best to remove the doors and all hadware before painting.


The Behr Ultra is self-priming. You can go directly to the old finish without a dedicated primer.


The secret to getting excellent results with acrylic  enamels such as Ultra, is to not over brush. Get the Ultra on quickly and don't over brush. Trust that the Ultra will level itself. Acrylic enamels set very quickly and over brushing actually degrades the finished product. To this end, I encourage the use of small foam trim rollers to rapidly get a nice even coat of paint on the surface, followed by a quick knockdown of the surface with the brush.


Hope this has helped.



Posted 2013-09-05T16:01:07+0000  by ordjen

Hello ChrissyOlson!


Ordjen gave you outstanding advice ... use 220-grit sandpaper to break the gloss, wipe off the sanding dust with a dry terry towel, and you're ready to paint.


If you want that perfectly smooth "factory finish" on your cabinets, consider trying Floetrol.


This inexpensive paint additive slows the dry-time and allows your paint to dry very smooth.


Blend eight-ounces of Floetrol into a gallon of water-based paint ... and paint.


When using this product, wait at least six-hours between coats.

Posted 2013-09-05T17:58:35+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Just finished using the Rust-Oleum Furniture Transformations™ Furniture Coating System on my bathroom vanity...AMAZING! If you want them to look like they came that way...use this kit! I've used the Transformation kits on my son's entire bedroom set, my ceiling fans, and now my MB vanity. And yes, they have a green. :)

Good luck!
Posted 2013-09-14T03:28:10+0000  by KangaDR
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