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i want to repaint my walls and there are smokers in the house

which kilz is best to stop any stain from coming through to the paint???

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Posted 2013-05-21T23:56:52+0000  by misfitwins misfitwins

The key to a good paint job is prep.  In your case, I'd clean the walls and ceiling with TSP.


I like Zissner's BIN primer for tough jobs.  It's shellac based so it's stinks like alcohol but sticks to about anything.  It also dries fast, really fast.  Top coat in 45 minutes.



Posted 2013-05-22T02:07:07+0000  by Adam444

thanks for the info

Posted 2013-05-22T14:19:45+0000  by misfitwins




The important factor in choosing a primer to seal in nicotine is that it not be water based. Nicotine itself is water soluble and will bleed right through a water based paint or primer. The original Kilz will work fine. BIN shellac based sealer is by far the best all around sealer of nicotine, and just about anything else, for that matter.


Nicotine is insidious. It gets down into the pores of the paint and is extremely difficult to remove by mere washing. Flat paints are particularly difficult to wash. It often easier to just seal it in and forget the washing altogether!


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-05-22T16:46:24+0000  by ordjen
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