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icemaker hookup leaks still

I know how to hook up the icemaker copper line but I can't stop the leak from at the top of the screw on the copper line? Any suggestions.

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Posted 2011-09-26T15:55:34+0000  by mommamia27 mommamia27

Hi mommamia27, Welcome to the Community. Let’s talk about that pesky leak you got going there.

I’m not sure if your leak is from a connection to a compression tee valve or from a saddle tee valve.


If your leak is from the compression tee valve, make sure you are using a new compression ring as ones that have been used before won’t seal properly.


Check the copper tubing to see if there are any kinks, dings or scratches at the connection, this would cause water to flow out of these areas and you will have to replace it.


If the leak is from the valve on the saddle tee, make sure your using a new one. Usually when using the same tee for a new hook up, the valve will not seat properly on the tubing.


There also may be sediment in the line causing the valve to not seat properly. If this is the case, the sediment will have to be removed.


Last make sure you leave enough tubing to be able to move the refrigerator around without kinking the line.

If this doesn’t solve your question, please post a photo and we’ll take it from there.


Hope to see you in the aisles.

Posted 2011-09-26T17:44:43+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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