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if a crack water line to the fridge covered under home depot extended warranty

i called home depot on monday afternoon regarding a leak that i uncovered in the back of the fridge. The technician came to my house this afternoon to diagnose the problem in my fridge. According to the techinician that my water line going to the fridge is cracked and he cannot fixed it. He told my father in law, that i have to contact a plumber to get it fixed. I thought under the homedepot extended warranty that anything physically attached component should be covered. SInce i wasnt home and I just got home tonight as it seems kind of fishy that why would a plumber be contacted to fixed and replace the water line connected to the fridge. I'm curious as first thing in the morning i will contacting home depot.

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Posted 2013-10-10T02:31:02+0000  by butario butario

Hi Butario,


Unfortunately the water line leading to the refrigerator is not covered by the manufacturers or our extended warranties.


The extended warranty covers the appliance and its' internal components, however the water line is considered a part of the house plumbing and is not covered.


Your homeowners insurance should cover you for this water line failure. Check with your insurance company

for specifics.



Posted 2013-10-10T17:17:11+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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