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im trying to replace a leaky part thats connected to my washer

the hose to the hot water is connected to a a pipe, the pipe has a knob thats leaking water out of it, is there a way to stop the leak or do i need to rplace the piece?

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Posted 2014-02-04T22:17:55+0000  by e2 e2

Hi e2,


Thank you for your question and welcome to our community.


It sounds like you are describing the bib that the hot water hose to your washer is connected to.  If this is leaking out of the top of the bib, you may be able to tighten the nut that is on the top of the bib.  This will put pressure on the packing inside and may temporarily stop the leak. It is difficult to replace the packing in the unit and it is actually easier to just replace the whole unit.




To properly fix this problem, you will need to turn the water supply off for that bib and replace the whole unit.  


To replace the internal washer, your first step will be to open the valve up about 1/4.  Then remove the top little handle by unscrewing the set screw in the top center of the handle, or the mounting nut in the upright, then remove the packing nut.  Once the packing nut has been removed, the internal works should come out by turning them in a counter clockwise manner and pulling them up then out.


Once this has been removed, you will see the rubber washer at the bottom.  This is held on by another set screw. Remove the set screw and the washer.  


                                                    Bib washers-flat.jpg


You will only need one, but unfortunately, they come in a ten pack.


Once this washer has been replaced and the set screw fastened back down, replace the stem back into the bib by turning it clock wise into the bib housing.  Replace the packing nut and then the handle making sure to fasten the handle back down with the crew or nut that you removed earlier.  The packing nut should be snug but not over tightened.


Once the handle has been re-attached and fasted down, close the bib all the way.  Slower turn the water back on and check for leaks.  If there is water coming out the top by the handle, lighten the packing nut slightly.  Once the repair has been made, turn the water back on all the way, and open up the bib all the way.

After all this work, your unit may still leak, that is why it will be better to just replace the whole unit..


Please let us know if you have any further questions.  Please take pictures of your project and send them in if you have any further questions.

Posted 2014-02-04T23:37:15+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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