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inatalling pull downstairs

Want to purchase and install 

Louisville Ladder Elite 10 ft. x 54 in. 22-1/2 in. Aluminum Attic Ladder . My garage rafters (2x4's) are 24" centers will this unit fit without problems, have not installed flooring yet, thinking of using 7/16 OSB. Response appreciated

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Posted 2011-01-04T21:18:07+0000  by bob288 bob288

Hi bob288 welcome to the community!


Creating an extra storage or living space in your attic can be very exciting and beneficial but not every attic can be used as a storage or living space.

There are few concerns that I have with your attic being used as storage.

First having  said that your RAFTERS are 2x4's, (you are referring to ceiling joist being that attic ladder  is intended to be installed  to the ceiling joist ) I do not recommend placing any kind of storage or "walking" space above.

Your 2x4 ceiling joists are only intended to keep rafters (diagonal roof framing members) tied together.

Also 7/16 OSB is only approved as a vertical sheeting and it is not safe to be used as a subfloor especially with ceiling joists spaced 24 O.C.


So for right now based on your description I would say not to use your attic as a storage or living space.

If you have more questions please ask, we love questions, and if possible post some pictures.


Again welcome to the community and thank you for your question.


Posted 2011-01-04T22:19:00+0000  by George_HD_CHI

I doubt the joists are again.

Posted 2011-01-05T16:44:26+0000  by mahargbk
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