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indoor vs outdoor

can I use some latex based exterior white gloss enamel on my indoor windowsills?

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Posted 2017-09-16T23:05:21+0000  by carolmaljak carolmaljak

The world will not end if you do, however, there are differences between interior and exterior paints. Exterior paints have to survive extremes of temps and humidity that interior paints don't. To this end, they are made much more elastomeric, so that they can expand and contract with the weather. The paint is softer and gummier as a result. If you should keep flower pots and such on the window sills, they will stick to them and have to be yanked free when removed. 
further, exterior paints tend to have higher concentrations of mildecides and fungicides to keep mildew and algae  from growing on them in the humid exterior environment. These chemicals are not particularly suited for the closed living environment inside your house.

Best advice: go get some interior trim enamel. It will give better performance and have less chance of being harmful to our health. You could do all the sills in the house two coats with just a quart!
Posted 2017-09-17T04:36:10+0000  by ordjen
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