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install interior steel door in a basement concrete opening

I have a concrete opening in the basement dimension 54.5" wide and 89" high. 

Want to install a door (steel preferable).  Can't find a prehung door greater than 36", but would prefer a 48" door.  Any ideas?

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Posted 2013-08-15T16:52:18+0000  by 06111951 06111951

48" steel doors are used in commercial applications all the time, so they're readily available.  I don't know if they would available from Home Depot as a special order but certainly there is a door supplier in your area.  Expect it to be far more expensive than a smaller sized steel door.  You will also need the thickness of the wall when ordering.

Posted 2013-08-15T17:47:39+0000  by Adam444

thanks for the info....the concrete wall thickness is 10"....I thought I'd first frame the opening with 2 x 8"s by drilling with my hammer drill and using screws into plastic plugs in the concrete.

I'll get a price for a 48" door and consider building a 12" wood frameout and go with a 36" if the 48 is too expensive.

Posted 2013-08-16T03:03:31+0000  by 06111951
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