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install vent extender where window seat is covering air flow

Hi, can anyone estimate cost to have someone install what I call a vent extender or extension ? prior owner installed window seating below bay windows and covered the heat/air vent!  We want to cut a hole at bottom of window seat and connect vent tube to push air out through newly cut vent hole. thanks!

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Posted 2013-03-12T09:04:44+0000  by tamter tamter

does the seat have an open cavity under it like cabinets do?  If it does all you would really need to do is cut a hole in the toe kick of the seat and slide a 3 sided metal pan through that hole to direct the air from your vent out of the new hole you cut and then install a new heat register into the hole that you cut.  I have done this exact thing thousands of times under kitchen and bathroom sinks and they work fairly well.

Posted 2013-03-15T14:24:36+0000  by joshcameron
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