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installing TV question

Hi! Our TV is currently mounted above our fireplace. I like the location, it is up out of the way of the kids and we can see it just fine. I would just like to mount it into the wall so it is flat. Our fireplace is woodburning and is on an interior wall. We only use ithe fireplace a few times a year. It is possible to cut out a section of the wall big enough for the tv and use our flat mount? I would also like to "hide" the wires, any ideas? Thanks!

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Posted 2012-11-11T07:51:24+0000  by jengreear jengreear

Yes, this can be done; I’m going to give it a shot explaining how to do it…  Not a difficult job...


1. Check location for any wires or pipes that may be running thru wall


2. Mark the size hole you need on the wall, You need to add room for 2 additional 2x4 headers on the top and bottom and cut the hole wide enough to reach side studs to attach the headers to .  IF this is a bearing wall you will need to use a 2 x 10 header on top, with an additional stud under it on each side for support. And adjust your hole width accordingly.


2. cut hole with a sheetrock saw.http://


or sawzall.

When cutting, cut just the outline; be careful to avoid any wires or pipes. Also be careful to not cut thru wall on other side. You will not be cutting the studs out yet.


3. After hole is cut, break out the sheetrock or plaster. Now you will cut out the studs that are in the way. Best done with a sawzall. If possible once again try not to cut thru wall on back side, this will help to minimize repairs later on. Go to other side of wall and see if you can remove any nails or screws that are attached to the studs.  Remove the studs where the TV will go.


4. Cut a hole to fit a receptacle box near the floor. run your wires now from the hole to the box.  this will hide them later on. With a proper cover plate.


5. Attach your top and bottom headers (2-2x4 screwed together like this {II} upright) they will attach to the side studs and should be cut to the size between the studs, use a level to make sure they are straight. to make it easier you can use angle brackets in the corners to hold the top one up. Also toenail/screw them in as well. When you mount them, mount towards front of hole so they are even with the back of the sheetrock.


6. Mount a piece of 3/4 inch plywood same size as the hole  to the back of the hole using construction adhesive and screw into it from the back wall for additional support.


7. use sheetrock to repair and cover any exposed 2 x 4, Put corner beading on the edges around the hole, then compound, sand and paint. You could also trim the hole with molding or 1 x4 (5,6,7 etc) pine and paint it to match or contrast the room.


8. After everything is dry mount TV bracket to plywood using

put a washer under the screw to make sure it doesn’t come out the other side.


9. Attach wires to TV and hang according to instructions.


10. All the items you need are available at The Home Depot of course. Now sit back watch TV and enjoy, and please if there are things I didn’t explain well, feel free to post any questions about my directions, And to anyone else that see’s something I missed feel free to chime in.


Posted 2012-11-11T16:43:15+0000  by TOGNJ
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