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installing an upstairs bathroom

i am about to begin installing an upstairs bathroom but am having trouble finding a path for the sewer line. i am wondering if i can use the roof vent line and install a "y" in the vent and go from there. any help or ideas ??

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Posted 2011-04-03T12:46:54+0000  by totalkoss totalkoss

What you are referring to is what is called a "wet venting' system.  It is possible to run a whole bathroom this way, but my concern is with the toilet. The vent that you have found may or may not provide proper drainage or release of harmful gases.


images (29).jpg


I would strongly recommend getting an opinion from a professional plumber. They would be better suited to check the whole house system and provide specific details about proper installation. Plus, they would be familiar with any local codes that are required.


Of course, most contractors will try and get the job. If you just tell them up front that you are only seeking a consultation then you will be able to avoid any unwanted sales situations.


Better to be "safe" on this one. Please let us know how you are progressing with the project.

Posted 2011-04-03T15:23:40+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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