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installing ceiling ring

how to install a ceiling ring

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Posted 2013-04-10T02:27:39+0000  by glen53 glen53

Hello glen53,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!



While we carry a lot of ceiling medallions in our store, I am thinking you were referring to a simpler ceiling ring, as shown below.

Ekena 7-3/4 in. Wigan Ceiling Ring

In either case, these detailed pieces can be installed by 2 methods, either by gluing it onto the ceiling or using Velcro to apply it.


As crazy as that last one seems, using Velcro is a much easier and effective way to put the ceiling ring on securely. Simply use the Sticky Back squares that we sell in our hardware department, and you'll have the ceiling ring up there.


While it isn't a permanent fix, it can be easily taken down if you decide to clean it or repaint it. Click on the Velcro Sticky Back below to find out more information.

Velcro 7/8 in. Sticky Back Squares 12 Pack


As for the 2nd option, you can use a high-strength urethane-based adhesive like Liquid Nails to apply it to the ceiling. I have heard of people using tape to secure it to the ceiling while the glue fully cures. Once the adhesive is dry, you can remove the tape.


Liquid Nails for Molding


No matter which of the 2 options you choose, both can and will secure your ceiling ring effectively to the ceiling.


I hope this information has assisted you, and please let us know if you have any further questions.




Posted 2013-04-10T15:09:48+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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