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installing plywood bead board

I have searched and did a lot of reading
 I know I can install plywood bead board over sheet rock and I can use a pneumatic nailer
 What I can't find is what size nail/brad/staple or what kind should be used to install it
 I have 1/2 inch sheetrock on the walls
 I need to get into the studs but no need to over do it
 Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Posted 2016-04-05T02:03:03+0000  by Doc1 Doc1
Hello Doc1.  Welcome back.

I would not use staples for this task.
Often you will see folks use a little construction adhesive combined with a few nails at the edges to hold the board against the wall.
I would use 16 gauge finish nails, and a rule of thumb on length is that you want about an inch, or a little more of these nails to be embedded into the studs.  So something like an 1 3/4 inch nail would work well.  Depends on how thick the boards are that you are putting up.  This assumes you have a 16 gauge finish nailer.  Obviously you would need to use the nails that properly fit your gun.  If you have an 18 gauge brad nailer, that is not optimal but will work.  A framing nailer is not appropriate for this task though.


Posted 2016-04-05T16:13:08+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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