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insulating a shed that is heated all year round

All, I have a 16 x 10 foot shed that I am heating to 80 degrees throughout the year. I also want to keep the humidity high in the shed. I have put fibreglass R18 insulation between the 2x4's, silver bubble wrap insulation on the underide of the floor which is wooden and raised, and the same silver bubble wrap (R6) between the inside of the outside wall and the fiberglass insulation.


Wanted to know what is next please to prevent heat loss and mold? Interior poly vapor shield on all walls and then drywall which I paint with some kind of mold resistant paint? All help much appreciated.




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Posted 2013-11-27T21:29:57+0000  by snw272002 snw272002



All Behr paints contain mildecides, However,. the Behr Premium Plus Ultra is inherently mildew resistant due to its "nano" technology which results in an extremely dense coating. Indeed, its prototype used to be called "kitchen and Bath" paint.


On the floor, an oil based Porch and Floor paint would give superior moisture resistance to an acrylic product. If water is present, a slick oil finish becomes really slippery. Fine sand can be mixed into it for traction underfoot.


It sounds like you have done a fair job of insulating. You will want to pay attention to points of possible air infiltration, such as where the sill plate meets the floor, around the doors, etc.


Assuming this shed has electrical power, air moving in the shed will help control mildew and condensation on colder outside walls, assuming you ae in a seasonal colder climate. Consider a ceiling fan to gently keep air moving.


Not knowing what your climate is, summertime temperatures in ths shed could get quite high and might have to be addressed. You don't state what this shed is actuallyy being used for. Some type of powered venting might be in order to keep temps down in the summertime.


Hope this has helped somewhat.

Posted 2013-11-29T01:39:40+0000  by ordjen
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