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insulation and drywall

My fiance and I just purchased our first house.  I have no experience in home repairs & maintenance.  Our exterior wall in our garage is not insulated and needs to have drywall put up (currently has cardboard-type material).  Can someone please provide tips/insight on proper installation of insulation and drywall?

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Posted 2010-11-08T16:54:47+0000  by newbie25 newbie25

Hi Newbie!  It is not a great mystery to do!  I would start by going to Home Depot and finding an instore workshop to learn the ins and outs of this topic.  I have seen a couple of their classes on this, and they do a great job.  With it being in the garage area, it may just be the best place to start to learn the basics.  I would also check Youtube to see what is there.  Good Luck!!  Welcome to the community!  Gary S from the Old Tool Shed.

Posted 2010-11-08T17:21:03+0000  by gscottmaine

Hello newbie25,


Welcome to the Home Depot Community, you must live in my neck of the woods, I’m in the Chicago area, and it been cold here, waking up to below freezing temperature is not nice, but we can handle it. I will assume that you have 2x4’s there now; usually they are spaced out every 16”. Typically 2x4 studs are actually 3-1/2” deep, so you want insulate to fill that void. Owens –Corning makes an R-15 and R-13 that are both 3-1/2” thick, so either of these will insulate nicely, the higher the R-value the more resistance, which means more energy efficiently. You can check with your local Home Depot for prices on each of these.


These rolls of fiberglass insulation have a paper backing attached to them; the paper backing is called Kraft Paper or Vapor Retarder. You install the insulation with the paper towards the inside of the garage; also the paper is used to attach the insulation between the 2x4’s. You fasten the insulation with a Staple Gun, or a Hammer Tacker.


Once you have the insulation in place, then you can proceed with drywall. The thickness of the drywall can vary with different municipalities, so it is recommended you check with your local village building department, especially if you garage is attached to the home; some villages require a specific thickness in case there is a fire. Once you have determined the drywall thickness, the next part is installing the drywall.


You can purchase the drywall as 4 feet by 8 feet, or 4 feet by 12 feet, it depends on the size of the wall. The job may go faster if you have larger pieces, but it also harder to work with if you haven’t worked with drywall before. Take measurements of the area to be covered, and take it into your local Home Depot, and they can assist you with the number of sheets you need and how many rolls of insulation, safety goggles, gloves, insulation respirator, utility knives, etc.


Below I have included some video links for installing insulation, safety concerns, and installing drywall.


You can also have Home Depot deliver it for a fee (delivery charges vary by location), pick it up yourself, or if you spend $100 or more on your Home Depot charge card, you can rent the truck there at the store for no charge for the 1st hour;  if you past the 1st hour you will incur standard charges.


Good luck, stay warm, and please send us pictures before and after of your project. Maybe you find a better use for the cardboard, like in the fireplace.



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Posted 2010-11-08T18:37:59+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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