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insulation opinins

we are having a hard time deciding whether to lay batting insulation in between our studs before we put up our pine wall covering...the whole basement had already been liqued nailed with blue board insulation around the we built walls over top of the blue board......ran our wire, ready to go over the studs and blue board with knotty pine.....people at HD said it will be better to leave an air gab behind the pine so as there will be no reason for anymold to grow and there will be movement for air......weve never had mold grow on the blue board in 10 plus years.....have read mold loves insulation....its below grade and stays fairly warm down there......we run a wood stove there in the winter months....never flooded or get any major water in the basment its pretty dry....we installed dri core first as a safe guard and to add to the warmth of the room...we live in PA too...if that matters.......anybody opinions we welcome.....thank you

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Posted 2012-11-06T18:16:10+0000  by 73challenger 73challenger


How thick is the blueboard ?


What does it say on it? R10? Expanded or Extruded?


You can use fiberglass but it need to be un-faced kind. Depending on the thickness and type (XPS /EPS) your foam sheets are already acting as a vapor barrier. Placing faced insulation would be like placing another vapor barrier in front of it.

Here's the diagram from the Building Science website that explains this assembly in detail.








Posted 2012-11-06T19:42:01+0000  by George_HD_CHI

i think its like 3/4  not sure of the r value...but its low...nothing real thick...but before we enclosed the ceilings with drywall...and with the walls open and no dri core over the cement......with our wood stove would stay very comfortable at 70 to 71 with all that done..and once we put up our pine....were thinkin why would we spend the extra 1000 1200 dollars to insulate?  plus take the chance of mold growing on the insulation....?   what im thinking and this might be wrong?  but what if we tried it the way we were going to do...then if we didnt think it was cozy enough....we could drill and feed in blow in insulation later?  what do you think of that steel toes.....:)

Posted 2012-11-06T20:48:41+0000  by 73challenger

I think once you're all done with your pine planks you are not going to let anybody drill holes in your walls. :smileyhappy:


It is entirely your decision on how well you want to insulate.





Posted 2012-11-06T21:05:04+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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