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interior doors

I'm renovating a 50's ranch house and need to purchase interior doors.

I don't want doors that are hollowed.  What would you suggest?

I've gone through HD's web site and don't understand how the doors are

filled.     I want a door with some weight so that it feels substantial and will allow privacy.    

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Posted 2013-06-13T22:27:03+0000  by sgefergus sgefergus

Hi sgefergus,


What you want are solid wood doors. These must be custom ordered through the Millworks Department of your local Home Depot.


Today’s doors are high tech composite materials with the designs molded into the surface. These doors are less likely to twist or warp and are lighter in weight, but do not have the feels or sound proofing qualities of solid wood doors.


Solid wood doors are just as they are called solid wood. The old doors in your house are solid wood as in the 50’s very few alternatives were available.


I am glad you are sticking to your guns and doing the remodel right! Send us some photos of the finished project.



Posted 2013-06-13T22:57:10+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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