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interior wall options

My house has wall board throughout, which I find EXTREMELY ugly.  It is adhered to drywall underneath, so if I want to change it, all of the walls need to be ripped down and rebuilt with new drywall.  Is there an easier solution (and cheaper) to cover up the walls?  I was thinking a textured paint of some kind, because the wallboard is not smooth enough to just paint over. Any suggestions would be great.  Thanks!

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Posted 2011-03-20T13:28:02+0000  by kristin kristin

Hi Kristin, welcome to the community - we are glad you stopped by.


The dilemma you are in means that you have a great opportunity to be creative. This is one that you will want to take some before/after pictures to show years later.


If by "wallboard" you are referring to paneling with grooves; then before doing anything - you will have to prepare the surface. A little trick for making those grooves disappear is to patch them over with drywall compound. You might have to smooth over a couple of coats - depending on how deep they are. Lightly sand flush to the surface and prime the whole wall with a quality stain stopping primer like GRIPPER or KILZ.


There are lots of techniques to accomplish some sort of texture. By far my most favorite and the easiest to apply is the BEHR VENETIAN PLASTER.




You will have to stop by you local Home Depot to get a color chart and see the many colors available.




I have used this product on several occasions to hide walls that "have issues" and have never been disappointed.

You can choose to "burnish" the surface after it has dried (sanding the high points) which leaves a rich dimension and a "third color".



Posted 2011-03-20T17:24:35+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

You could sheet over the top of the paneling with 1/4 inch drywall, tape it float it and texture it...or prime it with Gripper and "Putty coat " it (Skim a layer of All purpose joint compund or Westpac fast-set Joint compund over the top of it then prime that surface and paint it.

Posted 2011-03-21T18:20:16+0000  by paintguy606
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