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is there a way to paint my existing stained decks with a Masonite paint?

i would like to know if i could paint my existing stained decks with a masonite paint? ive seen the decks built with the masonite boards but can i make my existing decks the same as the masonite boards in my mind an i certianly could be wrong im hopeing that this could help me so that i would not have to restain my decks every year. might be a crazy question but would love some feedback an thanks:smileyhappy:   

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Posted 2013-05-27T11:48:53+0000  by chutton7 chutton7



I am not familiar with "masonite" paint, but I offer a few thoughts on painting decks: A full bodied "deck" paint is not the best coating for a wooden deck. A better product would be a solid hide decking stain. Solid hide decking stains, such as those  by Behr, form a thinner, more breathable coating for the deck. The way decks are constructed, there are just too many places for moisture to gain access into the wood. Given that you cannot totally keep moisture from getting into the wood, you want a product that will  restrict moisture's entrance, but then allow it to respire back out through the coating without causing peeling.


Hopefully, you have not been using an oil based deck paint. Oil paints breathe much less than acrylic based paints and are therefor much more likely to peel. Whether oil or latex based, you would be well advised to strip the deck back to bare wood and start over with a decking stain.


It is possible to go over an acrylic deck paint with an acrylic deck stain, but the previous paint will still be restricting the decks ability to breathe. It would definitely be a bad idea to go over an oil paint with an acrylic stain. this would encourage both moisture peeling to the bare wood and peeling to the oil paint due to bad adhesion. Better to "bite the bullet" and strip the deck!


Hope this has helped.



Posted 2013-05-27T19:53:00+0000  by ordjen
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