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kitchen cabinet

There is no avoiding the cats jumping up on top of them & peeing on them. Gross, I know, but it's not my house or my cats. I would like to replace just the top of the one cabinet & add a face board above the doors so the cats can no longer jump up there. Is it possible to do this without replacing anything but that piece?? I believe he has the right tools & I'm quite handy, but I've never attempted anything quite like this. Can you give me some insight in detail, plllleeeezzzzeee??
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Posted 2012-10-04T13:37:44+0000  by train1974 train1974

Hello Holly and thank you for joining The Community!  We are glad that you are here.


I have had birds that flew everywhere and landed on top of the most unusual objects – then left their “reminders!”  I can understand your dilemma. 





First be sure that the top of the cabinets are cleaned and disinfected.  Also take a good look at the underside (inside) of  the affected area.  Be careful applying any cleaner to the top of the cabinet so you do not harm the wood.  Check for mold and mildew as well as any damage to the top of the cabinet.  Use an odor eliminator if necessary.  NOTE: do not mix any products with a chlorine-based cleaner or you may create a poisonous gas!



Cabinet top.jpg


Replacing the top of the cabinet will depend upon several concerns.  Has the structural integrity of the cabinet box (the part attached to the wall) been compromised? Is the cabinet on the end of a run or in the middle of a set of cabinet boxes?  Is there lighting inside the cabinet or other possible electrical concerns near the top of the box that you want to replace?  If the box is sound and there are no electrical considerations, you may be able to cut out the section and replace it with a piece of plywood.  Take care that you do not cut into the frame of the box. Remember that the size of the cut-out will be seen when you open the cabinet and look towards the top. If the inside of the cabinets are stained, laminated, or painted, consider staining or painting to match the rest of the interior of the cabinet.



top options.jpg


Once the area(s) have been cleaned and repaired, consider adding crown moulding or a cornice to fill in the space and deter unauthorized cat activity.  Adding crown molding will add height and style to the cabinets.  A cornice is primarily designed to cover a window and provide interest, but it can be fastened together and placed on top of the cabinet. These instructions will give a basic idea of what is needed to build the cornice.


In my case, I calculated the length and width needed to fill in the space above the cabinet and placed a simple stained wooden cornice in place.  (I was renting at the time and could not make any changes to the cabinets).  This was an inexpensive fix and there were no more bird landings.






As for the door (the jumping off point), you could install a face board above the doors.  My high fliers used to hold onto the frame over the doors and wait to be “pulled down.”  I installed a shelf over the door using shelf brackets that were bent slightly “downwards.”  I used double-sided tape to secure several lightweight framed photos to the shelf to use as decoration.  It created enough of a distraction to stop the birds from trying to land.  (This was a bonus since I only needed to fill a few nail holes before we moved out!)


Best wishes on your project and please us posted on your progress. 


DW Deco.png

and New Picture.png



Posted 2012-10-05T16:06:14+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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