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kitchen expansion

My fiance and I are trying to expand our very cramped kitchen by knocking down a wall into an unused room. The problem we are running into is that the wall is load bearing. We know that opening up this wall will mean installing a header, we just can't seem to find instructions on how to go about doing so. HELP!

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Posted 2013-03-09T03:50:21+0000  by richardsonjm80 richardsonjm80

Hi richardsonjm80,


As you probably know already, header is the supporting beam that is normally placed perpendicularly up against the floor or ceiling joists. Purpose of the header is to “catch” the floor joists that were originally supported by the wall.


Basically you are replacing the wall with the big enough beam that can handle the load that was/is supported by the wall.


This said this beam-header  needs to be sized and supported accordingly.


To correctly size the beam you would need to know the span,  load and the bearing points.


I’ve seen a project like this take two different directions...


Some people go ahead and call in a structural engineer for the stamped drawings and the official evaluation.

Some rely on their contractor to make that decision based on his experience…


At this point I’m not really sure what should I advise you.


Do you mind giving us some info on this project?


Do you think you can post some pictures here…?


And ,


How big is the opening?

Are you certain this is a load bearing wall?


Is this on the first level of your home?


Is there a basement bellow?


Do you know what size of ceiling joists do you have?


Are you intending on tackling this project yourself?


I’ll be watching this thread for your response,



Posted 2013-03-11T20:17:02+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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